How long is a day sitting?

A full day is no defined set amount of hours tattooing. It purely means you are the only client booked in on that day, all day. It is a discounted session that gets a large tattoo or portion of an ongoing tattoo done, an artist won't recommend a day sitting if you will not benefit, time wise, from the day session.

Generally speaking it is around 6 hours tattooing, but can differ.

How much does it cost?

Each artist prices their work individually, general advice is, do not shop for price. Chose the artist who's work you like best and go with them! Even if it means waiting a few months to save more. Submit the booking form to get started and find out!

I want to get tattooed, but I don't know what I want?

At Severance tattoo, we create one off, unique tattoo designs for you. This does mean however, that you need to have an idea of what you want, so we can design something that's specific to you! For inspiration, visit our Facebook or Instagram page to see previous work from our artists, and mention these or upload images of what you like when submitting the booking form!

What should I do on the day of my tattoo?

So you've contacted us, discussed your design with the artist, and today is your tattoo day, how should you prepare? Quite simply, make sure you are well rested and have a good breakfast! This is super important to keep your blood sugar up. Take a sugary drink and snacks with you, and also if you're doing a day session its a good idea to bring lunch. Take a shower and make sure the area your getting tattooed in is clean, but do not pre shave. Think about where you're getting tattooed, don't wear super skinny jeans if you're getting your thigh tattooed, for example. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that make the area easily accessible! Charge your phone or tablet and don't bring all your friends with you (1 or 2 is fine)

Anything I may not have thought of?

- Please don't bring anyone under 18!

- If you look young enough to be ID'd, bring ID

- Remember to bring cash, as we cannot always accept card

- DO NOT drink alcohol before getting tattooed!